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Windows XP Registry File


I am starting with an explanation of the windows xp registry file because with this aging operating system it is becoming a predominant cause of windows xp slow startup and slow response when the system is running. I see, even if microsoft support is eventully discontinued that there is still plenty of legs left in windows xp.

If you are suffering from slowness I recommend first that you do a quick free check of your registry file before starting on any of the other things you can do to revive the old dog. Just go to Registry Winner and download the software and get a free scan. You won’t be bothered if your scan says everything is OK.

Below you will find a short explaination why a clean registry file is so important.

The windows xp registry file is a database file that is part of windows xp. It contains all the information and parameters pertaining to your windows xp installation. It holds information about the programs that you have installed as well as the entire configuration parameters for your system. The windows xp registry file also holds all the information on how the desktop looks to you.

Your computer runs fast when your computer is new and the windows xp registry file has not got much in it and is clean without leftover information. As your computer gets older and you install more programs as well as removing programs you no longer want, your computer starts to slow down. This is because the windows xp registry file get larger and larger causing windows XP to take longer to find information. Your registry will also start to contain errors, which also has a slowing effect.

This is the reason why you get a windows XP slow startup. You will find that you will probably get a Windows XP slow shutdown and find Windows XP slow as well when you are using it. The windows XP registry file is one of the main components that can affect your windows XP performance.

By removing unnecessary entries, your computer finds what it needs in the registry a lot faster. Despite this, the windows registry will still get full up over time. Frivolous entries will clutter the windows xp registry file as it becomes fuller and fuller and more and more programs are installed or removed.

One way to reduce this is by using a registry cleaner. This works by removing and deleting unnecessary program information. It will also remove all those errors that have accumulated in the windows xp registry file. When you create or delete files or install or uninstall software, it adds to your registry. Unfortunately by removing programs fragments are frequently left behind. Bits of the software programs are often still on your computer. If you leave these remnants, problems can be caused, sometimes making your Windows XP unstable and slowing it down causing problems in the future. A registry cleaner is programed to clean up your registry file by removing anything that should not be there and compacting it.

Because of the need for Windows XP to use the registry, there is no way to avoid cluttering up your windows xp registry file. You can fix the Windows registry errors, but you should avoid trying to delete registry errors yourself. You would be much better off purchasing a Windows registry cleaner and periodically running it.

A most thorough registry cleanup will be performed using registry scanners and cleaners. With minimal instruction, the windows registry will be repaired and cleaned by these tools. Don’t make a mistake, a windows registry clean is of utmost importance to extend your computer’s life. The best windows xp registry file cleaner I recommend is “Registry Winner”. “Registry Winner” gives you a free scan that will give you an indication on how good or how bad your registry file is. So take action and click on “Registry Winner” to get your free scan. “Registry Winner” also has additional optimization tools that will help to increase the performance of your PC. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and is multi lingual.

The commercial registry cleaner programs now sold are much more efficient and up-to-date than the windows free registry repair tools available. Just remember it is important that you periodically clean your windows XP registry file not only to speed up windows XP but to keep it stable.

You can learn more about the registry at my “Regedit Registry” article.